Getting Mortgage Prepared in 2021

Evidence your income

After last year lenders have tightened up on their income and affordability assessments. Now that is not to say you cannot now get a mortgage, far from it. It just means you need to be ready to evidence your income. This is even more important if you are self employed.

Be patient

Things are taking a little longer right now. Working from home, change in processes for lenders and because it is busy right now for house buying might mean it takes you a little longer to get your keys so we ask that you be patient and just know we will be doing everything we can to get you into the house as quickly as possible.

Check your credit report

Really important and we would look at with you. When we are going for a mortgage it is really important we understand your credit file. Even those who think they have no issues sometimes find a little surprise which we have to deal with before making a mortgage application.

Be Realistic

When we buy a house we all have things we would like - an extra bedroom, a downstairs toilet for example. However it is important to decide what is vital to have and what would be nice to have so you can compromise. Also be realistic on the house price and don’t overstretch yourself

Get a broker on board

Sometimes starting is the hardest part. Get a free initial consultation and get the information you need and the answers to your questions. I can guarantee you will feel much better about it all once you have spoken to someone.

As always if you have any questions or you need any information please get in touch.