The Pub's (and Hairdressers) are re-opening!

So, it’s nearly here! April 12th 2021! A day that will go down in history as the day we were allowed back out out! The anticipation is building and there is a flurry of activity from local businesses who are preparing to open where they can. You can almost taste that first drink served in a glass away from your own home! Mmmmm!

And a trip to the hairdresser or barber! Have you got your appointment booked? We can’t wait! We hope the hairdressers have been flexing their scissor fingers this week as they will be extremely busy dealing with the stream of clients flooding through their doors.

Non-essential shops will also be back open for business. It’s a shame that several of our high street names won’t be back but remember that there are still many local shops who will welcome your business.

We ourselves have been extremely lucky and have been very busy during lockdown although we have been working from home for most of the time. Please however, spare a thought for those who have had to stay at home without being able to work due to the nature of their business. Everyone will have made a major effort to be ready for the rush back but very occasionally things might go awry or not quite be the same. Have patience – we will all be back to our usual hectic lives very soon and much as that will be a blessing in many ways let’s not forget to be kind and enjoy the small details along the way. 😊