We are Loving our New Mapperley office

So just in case you missed our big announcement and hadn’t noticed - we have moved!

We recently moved our office base from Carlton to Mapperley and we are loving it! It wasn’t exactly planned but Ryan noticed the new office space up for rent, went to see it and decided this was perfect. The next part of Key Mortgages big adventure! And what an adventure it is!

The new office is bigger, brighter, and more ‘us’. Beautifully furnished and accessorised by Ryan and his wife Katrina, it is airy, modern, and comfortable. There are numerous shops and cafes nearby so breaks can be taken, lunch bought, and coffee purchased nearby. In fact, we even have our own coffee machine in the office now we have the space, plus a beer fridge ready for when clients are able to pop in, so we are well and truly spoilt for choice.

It’s not often we’re all working in the office at the same time, but the new office space gives us options to hold staff meetings and work in there together as a team now that restrictions are lifting. And, as our team may be expanding again soon, this could not have come at a better time for us.

There are many thriving local businesses on Mapperley Top, and it is great to feel a part of the local community. We had a wonderful response to our recent prize draw full of prizes purchased locally from shops and businesses near the office and it was a great way to get to know, and advertise, some of our fellow local businesses. It is great to see so many new and successful businesses around Mapperley, Carlton and Gedling and it is a fantastic area to live and work. Mapperley has a buzz of its own both during the day and at night and it’s great to see everyone out and about again after being so quiet during lockdown.

As a client you may not notice a great difference as the vast majority of our mortgage consultations are conducted via a video link. These video consultations have been such a massive success over the past year that moving forward we intend to keep most of our appointments online. This is great for clients too as they won’t even have to leave home and any extra paperwork or information which may be required is handily available if needed during their consultation.

We are looking forward to getting to know our fellow businesses in Mapperley and to (virtually) meeting many more clients as we move forward.