Avoidable mistakes when taking out Life Insurance.

Most people know they need life insurance, and most people know how important it is to protect their family and assets.

However, many people do not seek advice when taking out their policy, which then leads to issues such as:

  1. Not having enough cover in place to meet your needs – can your family cover the mortgage and household bills if you die and are no longer there to support them?
  1. Not understanding what you are covered for. For example – life insurance often covers terminal illness, but this is not the same as critical illness. Do you know the difference? The amount of people who confidently say they have cover but then find out it’s not what they think is scary.
  1. Delaying getting cover. Every birthday adds to the cost of life insurance policies and if your medical history changes you may not get cover for any new or existing conditions.
  1. Not reviewing existing policies - Insurance has changed so much in the last few years, with new providers coming to the market offering free extras to their policyholders and improved benefits that meet modern-day needs. Free GP appointments anyone? If you have not reviewed your policies in a while, then even if your provider now offers these benefits, you are not automatically eligible for them if you are on one of their 'old' policies.
  2. Not having any cover at all. Would you want to leave your spouse with a mortgage to pay on their own?

We can help with reviewing existing policies or advising on new ones to ensure you and your family are fully protected. We will design a plan specifically for you and your family based on your individual circumstances and within your chosen budget.

So don't delay (see mistake number 3) - get in touch today for your life insurance review. We can make sure you are getting the most for your money and, more importantly, that your policies still meet your and your family's needs.

*Content was accurate at point of publication and is subject to change 25/04/2024