Lights, camera, action!

Recently we spent the day filming a new promotional video with local film company My Town Vision. They have done several promotional videos for other local businesses, and we were very impressed with their work- so now it was our turn!

A very nervous, but very smartly suited and booted team arrived at the Mapperley office to meet Tom & Sophie from My Town Vision and then left to set up camp in the local Copper Café while the cameras, lights and microphones were set up ready for recording.

Tom reassured us that ‘we’d hardly know they were there’ and that it would be a very relaxed kind of day. Well – we think we could tell he was there! Metal frames, big fluffy microphones, and a camera on a tripod set up in front of us but yeah – we’ll go with ‘hardly’ knowing he was there! But, to give them their due they definitely helped us to relax, and the day was very enjoyable for us all.

Ryan was the first interviewee and was asked all about setting up the business, his vision for the future and employing his Mum! He spoke about starting as a mortgage broker on his own at the beginning of 2020, a lockdown very soon after and then expanding the team gradually until the present day team of five.

First employee (and Mum) Cathy was next up to speak about her role as service manager and asked about what it was like to work with son Ryan and looking at how much the business had evolved in the last year and a half.

New adviser Dan, followed by client managers Ellie & Beth completed the conversation and they spoke about how excited they were to be working at Key Mortgages and how they were looking forward to building the business even more going forward.

A bit more filming in the office and a VERY cheesy wave to end on and that was a wrap!

We very much look forward to seeing the edited end result and hope that we can bring across the friendly, helpful nature of the team as a whole.

Happy viewing!