Marching Through March!

Alert!! Alert!! Alert!!

For our first @PASIC fundraising challenge this year we are going to be “Marching through March”!

As we are still celebrating the opening of our new branch in Lincoln, we have each decided to walk or cycle the total distance between Nottingham and Lincoln which, according to Google maps, is thirty-eight miles (61km)! That’s a total of 190 miles (306) between five of us!

It crossed our minds (briefly) to walk the actual route but...

a) it would take about two full days of walking,

b) the roads we would have to take were not safe without extra support and safety measures

c) we’re not exactly the fittest bunch after lockdown – well, some more than others!

Anyway we decided that walking the actual route wouldn’t quite work for us so, as an alternative, we have arranged to do most of the miles individually over the month and tally them as we go. We are then hoping we can all get together to join in and walk the last few miles in Lincoln and finish as a team.

We would love you to join in and get behind us in this challenge. We all work from home in the main and would love to improve our fitness as well as raising funds for our fabulous charity partners PASIC. As many of you will be in the same boat you will know that getting out and about is sometimes a challenge in itself! We don’t even need to walk to the bus stop anymore. ☹

We therefore need all your help and encouragement to complete this challenge and to raise as much sponsorship as we can for our charity partner PASIC.

There will be more details and information as we get nearer the start date but, in the meantime, we would love you to share our posts and add some words of encouragement for our Key Mortgages team.