Why you should get Mortgage Advice before you start looking for your new home

Booking an appointment with a mortgage adviser can be a scary thing to do. Browsing houses online is easy to do, you can view them in detail and log off if you’re not interested. The next big step will either be to speak to a mortgage adviser and find out how much you can borrow or go to view a house or houses that you like.

We would normally suggest that you speak to a mortgage adviser first so that you don’t get tempted by a property you can’t afford. It can be very disappointing to fall in love with a house and then find you’re a few thousand short of being able to purchase it or you’ve got to wait a week for an appointment with a mortgage adviser before you can make an offer! But whichever way you do it don’t be put off calling a local mortgage adviser and booking that appointment. An initial consultation should be free of charge and can be extremely useful, whether you can afford to buy now or have to wait a while to save up.

An adviser’s expertise is invaluable from the very start. They can advise on improving your credit score, how much you will need to save, additional and unexpected expenses. They will know the lending market and can advise what lenders will need and expect. Also, they tend to have a good knowledge of the local housing market, solicitors and other property professionals.

They will be able to look at how much you can afford and if you will be eligible for a mortgage. It takes the guesswork out of the “Can I, can’t I afford to buy?”! And if all goes well your adviser can supply a Decision in Principle so that estate agents and sellers know you are serious about viewing houses and possibly making an offer.

One thing to bear in mind though, if you book an appointment and then your courage fails you or you book elsewhere in the meantime -please, please, please contact the adviser and cancel. It’s OK to change your mind but is it really polite to leave your adviser preparing for an appointment??

We would like to wish you all good luck in your home buying journey however you decide to it.