Commercial Finance

Do you need a way to finance that new business premises or expand? We work closely with partners who can go through the options available and find something suited to your situation.

Commercial finance is available in many forms and it can be overwhelming if you don’t already have the experience or knowledge. Our team of experts at Key Mortgages can walk you through the different options available and direct you to partners that will get you started promptly.

Who can access commercial finance?

If you have business goals in mind which are currently unreachable, commercial finance can help you get ahead with plans for your own premise. A strong application will benefit your progress with commercial finance, so speak with an adviser first to avoid losing money or being declined.

What commercial finance options are there?

Each type of commercial finance is tailored to the individual and their needs. A commercial loan is the simplest form of commercial finance which involves taking out a loan secured on a property that isn’t your own.

Designed for larger organisations, a commercial loan might be used to fund a new contract, expansions or operational costs.

If a deal needs to finalised and completed quickly, auction finance could be appealing. This short term option also known as a bridging loan can be used as a temporary finance solution, especially if you have spoken with an expert and ruled out any possible hidden fees.

Is commercial finance suitable for small businesses?

Over time commercial finance has expanded and opened up to smaller businesses who would previously see their loan requests rejected and struggle to get the financial support needed to fulfil their ambitions. Bridging loans are offered to small businesses and can be sourced from banks and lenders.

Questions & Answers

How do I know which commercial finance option is right for me?

Key Mortgages can look over your requirements and current situation to find the right type of commercial finance to suit your needs. With a lot of options available, we know you need confidence in the choice you make.

Where can I get commercial finance?

Specialist lenders will be able to offer commercial finance along with mainstream banks and alternative finance providers.

What documentation will I need to provide for commercial finance?

Basic personal information, personal and business credit score, recent bank statements and business information are just some of the details you will need to provide when applying for commercial finance.

We are unable to provide you with advice on commercial mortgages. However, we can introduce you to an authorised and regulated Financial Advisor who can provide you with specialist advice