Pension Advice

A pension can make a huge difference to your life, so getting the right advice and guidance can make all the difference. Key Mortgages will put your circumstances and finances first, helping you receive the right services and information to help you secure a pension.

Should i see a financial adviser?

If you are looking to explore your pension options or have a pension worth of over £30,000 you will need to get financial advice.

A financial advisor can also help you go over retirement plans and will be able to offer a range of products that suit your needs and pension plans for the future.

What is a state pension?

State pension is given by the government and you will qualify when you reach “state pension age”

You will have to apply for this yourself and will receive payment the first full week after you have reached state pension age. You can check your state pension age using an online calculator.

What other types of pensions are there?

Defined benefit

Commonly, a defined benefit will be arranged by your employer and the amount of money you will get will depend on the amount of time you have worked for them along with your salary.

Defined contribution

Also known as a “money purchase” pension, the money put in by you and/or your employer is put into investments. The performance of the investments will affect the end value of your pot when it is time to take the money out.

Questions & Answers

How much does pension advice cost?

You can access pension advice on a pay by hour basis, monthly or set fee for what you require. The location, qualifications of the financial adviser and the complexity of your situation are a few factors that could affect the price you pay.

What documents do I need to provide for a pension?

To claim a state pension you will need to provide your national insurance number, proof of identity and a marriage, divorce or civil partnership certificate.

How can I check how much is in my pension?

You should receive a pension statement once a year from your provider which will show the amount in your pension. You could also access your pension online or contact your provider directly.

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