Will Writing

It is not the easiest subject for people to talk about but it doesn’t make it any less important. There is a lot to include in a will, mostly to bring you comfort in the knowledge that your assets and valuables are left to the right people.

At Key Mortgages, we can put you in touch with expert will writers who will make sure everything is taken care of if the worst was to happen.

Why should I write a will?

Having a will prepared can be extremely beneficial in uncertain times or if the worst should happen. This form of legal documentation can be used to set out the future of your estate and assets as well as who will look after your children if they are under 18.

If you are unmarried, you will need to specifically state what your partner is entitled to, this might result in them being able to continue living in the home you shared.

What needs to be included in my will?

As well as all the important details like your name and date of birth, there are a lot of specifics that can be listed in your will. Your relationship with your partner and names of your children will hold high priority as they are likely to be the ones most affected by the will.

The assets you own and want to include will need to be detailed along with who you want to receive them when you die. This could be your house, vehicles or even jewellery.

You will also need to choose an executor for the will, someone who will be able to administer your estate. This is an important role and holds a lot of responsibility, so make sure to carefully choose someone who is capable.

What are my options for writing a will?

There are lots of options out there for writing your Will. As these products are not regulated by the financial conduct authority and we are not authorised by PRIMIS Mortgage Network to advise on them, we have a close relationship with Will writers and we can refer you to a specified third party if required.

Questions & Answers

How can I save money when writing a will?

Using a will writing service instead of a solicitor will save you a lot of money, as will writing a will yourself using a template. Although these options are cheaper, a solicitor will offer more protection.

What happens if I don’t leave a will?

If you do not leave a will, the law will take action and decide what happens to your possessions. With a will, your wishes will be met and your possessions will be shared out as you please.

Where should I store my will?

Will writing services will store your will for an additional fee while a solicitor will usually store it for free. It is important to tell your executor where your will is stored and how they can acquire it.

These products are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and we are not authorised via PRIMIS Mortgage Network to advise on them