5 things to remember when viewing properties

  1. Have your decision in principle ready and available prior to viewing a property! This will put you at the head of the queue if there are other interested parties. Also have your solicitor in place and ready to go if you decide to make an offer on a property you are viewing. This shows you are prepared and ready to proceed.
  2. Make yourself known to local estate agents. If they know what kind of property you are looking for, they may be able to let you know as soon as anything new lands on their books. Walk or drive around the places you like on a regular basis to keep a look out for new ‘For Sale’ boards.
  3. Work out your ‘deal breakers’. What is most important to you in a new property? Location? House size? New house or old? You might find this takes viewing a few different properties for you to decide but will be something to take into consideration as you will very rarely find the ‘perfect’ property! Ever watched ‘Location, Location, Location’?
  4. View a property at least twice – preferably before making an offer! Once with the heart – do you love it, do you get a good feeling, do you like the look of the house and area? Does it feel like the ‘right’ one? Second with your head – Can you see damp or cracks in the walls? Do the neighbouring properties look well kept? Is the local area OK? Does the property look well cared for? Is there enough storage space? Look for anything you may have missed on the first viewing. Walk around the neighbourhood and chat to the neighbours if you can.
  5. If you have a previous property to sell, try not to set your heart on another property until yours is sold! In these days of very quick house sales you may find yourself disappointed if yours doesn’t sell as quickly. Check how long the property chain is once you have found a buyer and your vendor has found a new property to move to.

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