First-time home buyers -how to boost your chances of getting a mortgage.

Five suggestions for first-time buyers:

1. Improve your credit score – make sure you don’t miss credit payments, don’t take out unnecessary loans or finance, keep name changes and new addresses up to date.

2. Get your paperwork in order in advance so you can clearly evidence your income and ability to pay. – save your payslips so that they are easy to access when required.

3. Choose the right time – do not rush into applying for a mortgage before doing your research and obtaining personalised advice as multiple applications and rejections can affect both your credit rating and morale.

4. Take advice early on from your local mortgage broker – buying a home will be your biggest investment so it makes sense to ask for expert advice to help you get the right mortgage first time. Find out how much you can borrow from an expert rather than taking a guess.

5. Make a budget planner to gain better insight into your incoming and outgoing finances so that you, and your mortgage adviser, can work out what you can afford each month.

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