Top five reasons to look at protection insurance.

It will never happen to me! But…… what if it does?

Protect what means most to you - a very important part of our adviser’s job is talking about the topics which everyone avoids and to ensure that if the unforeseen did happen that you have been given the opportunity to cover yourself, your family and your income to ensure your mortgage and bills are paid.

So how would you cope if the worst did happen to you?

We speak to many clients who have perhaps previously obtained a mortgage but don’t necessarily know their options or understand the implications of not having insurance in place. Or their circumstances have changed – new baby, new job etc- and they need to review their cover.

Here are our top five reasons to look at insurance:

1) to provide a lump sum of money on your death to provide for your family and replace your income.

2) to pay off debts if you were diagnosed with a serious illness and were unable to work. Mortgage, loan, business loans, credit card.

3) to provide an income if you are off work due to accident or illness so you can continue to pay your monthly bills.

4) to pay you a lump sum of money if you are diagnosed with a critical illness so that money is not something else to worry about at a difficult time.

5)To cover funeral expenses

You are your biggest asset to your family and it is so important to look at protecting what you can. You insure your car, your house and your pets but…….. what about YOU??

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