Specialist Mortgage

Finding a mortgage to suit your needs is a trying experience in itself, but if your circumstances are complicated who can you turn to?

Key Mortgages offer a range of mortgage related services that are tailored to suit even the most unique needs. A specialist mortgage is a more personalised option that can help you meet lenders criteria that might have previously held you back.

What types of specialist mortgages are available?

Specialist mortgages can vary in cost and characteristics, these can include...

  • Buy to let mortgages
  • Bridging loans
  • Self employed mortgages

Although they are quite rare, bad credit mortgages are possible to acquire with the help of a specialist broker.

Is it difficult to find a specialist mortgage lender?

Most high-street mortgage lenders and brokers will be unable to offer advice and assistance to individuals in unique situations due to simply, little experience. In these modern times, there are specialists for all areas of mortgages who will have all the knowledge and access to the market.

Key Mortgages can point you in the direction of a specialist mortgage lender and get things moving in the right direction, so you can mortgage and move into your new home sooner than you thought.

Do I need a specialist mortgage if I live overseas?

An expat mortgage is considered a specialist mortgage and can be particularly difficult to get. You will be considered higher risk by lenders which will likely result in a higher interest rate.

Buy to let mortgages are becoming more popular amongst expats and can involve letting your property or buying another to rent out while you live abroad. This is another area that can be discussed with a specialist lender.

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Questions & Answers

Can I get a specialist mortgage with a low credit score?

Some specialist mortgages are specifically designed to cater for individuals with a bad credit score. However choosing a specialist lender can result in your having to pay higher interest rates.

What are the requirements for a specialist mortgage?

Each specialist mortgage will be tailored to the unique circumstances of the individual. Again, your credit score will be reviewed by the lender before they can see what is available.

Can high street banks offer a specialist mortgage?

If you’re faced with a bad credit score, you will struggle to have involvement with high street banks. If you are looking for other specialist lending, banks will not be particularly flexible with their criteria although they can offer more affordable rates.