Diary of a First-time buyer– part 4

OMG! If I only knew……. 😊

So… We signed the initial documentation and returned this, showed our proof of funds, paid the search fees, and sent proof of ID to solicitors and estate agents. We have now received all the required searches back and are currently awaiting replies to enquiries.

FYI - Did you know that your solicitors will ask the vendor’s solicitors about the electric testing and the boiler servicing? They will also ask whether these are going to be tested again before exchange of contracts. There is no legal obligation to do either of these but if the vendor says no then you as the buyer can request to get it done via the estate agents to make sure there are no faults which could possibly be expensive later.

We’ve now reached the middle part of our home buying journey when we’re just waiting around for everyone to do their stuff. It’s a very frustrating time but, as I tell all my clients, is perfectly normal and therefore we just need a little patience! It’s difficult amidst all the excitement of wanting to get things done but a necessary part of the home buying process. But, on a positive note, it gives us a little more time to save a bit more towards the renovations and decorating.

On that note we’ve also been out and about looking for lovely things to buy for our new home. Having originally thought that I could just choose everything I like I have now discovered that my partner also wants some input! Imagine dragging a reluctant boyfriend around Ikea and then finding he doesn’t like everything you like and wants to choose something completely different!! Ooops!

I’m joking obviously but it has led to some interesting discussions!

We have also been around to the house we are purchasing a couple of times to measure up for furniture etc. We are quite lucky in that the house is empty, so we only have to book with the estate agents. If you are purchasing a house where someone still lives it will ultimately be up to them how often you will be able to visit. As a suggestion I’d say have a notebook just for the house and take as many measurements as you can on one visit just in case you can’t get there again. And ask the vendor if you can take photos for reference to make it a little easier when you’re shopping.

I’ll be back to update you again once our purchase has completed and we get the keys. In the meantime if you’d like any advice on what to do or where to start on your own homebuying journey do get in touch.

Beth x