Diary of a First Time Buyer - part 5

So completion day finally arrived and we were so excited! We were lucky enough to be able to exchange contracts a couple of days before completion (this means everything is legally binding once exchange takes place). Exchange can take place days/weeks or even months (with a new build property) prior to completion but can also take place on the same day. This is known as a simultaneous exchange & completion. This all depends on all the solicitors for everyone in your chain getting everything lined up

On our day of completion we were lucky enough to be able to pick up the keys in the afternoon and get straight to work! As mentioned in our previous blog the house myself and my partner have purchased needs a lot of renovation work doing so, we were straight in -ripping up carpets and pulling the kitchen out - you name it! We have received A LOT of help from loving family and friends which we very much appreciate. They came and helped us on that first weekend to clean and take things apart and this is still on going to this day.

We have tried to be very hands on as much as we can to just help save a little money as so much work has needed to be done. One of the biggest jobs was a new boiler!! Who knew a new boiler could be so exciting!

We are hoping to move into the property in the next couple of weeks once we have finished off the rest of the painting and had the flooring put down. Finally we will be able to move our furniture in😊

I cannot wait to officially start the journey of living in our new home as I’m sure any other first-time buyers reading this blog are too! I want to thank you all for reading about my first-time buyer journey and hope it has helped to make this process feel a little more relatable. Enjoy your new homes if you are on the same journey or, if you would like any help getting started yourself, why not give us a call?

Love Beth x